Violin for Violina by Zikra Maharani

12 Feb

Berikut ini Cerpen yang ditulis putri saya, Zikra Maharani, kelas 2 SMP. Cerpen yang keren dan menyentuh hati. Saya terbitkan di sini agar menjadi penyemangat baginya untuk melanjutkan novel yang sedang dia garap. Kepada pembaca, terima kasih sudah berkenan singgah.

Violin for Violina
by Zikra Maharani

She light up my world, yes she help my family to light it up. If sunshine will go away from me, from us when moonlight shining bright, her light will always shining bright, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year. No matter its rainy, snowy, night or day. But I don’t know why, she never know that she’s absolutely like that. She always close her heart. Close it tight. But I love her, and always do.

Dion Bernstein, Würzburg 27 Dezember 1968 ————————————————————————-

“Yes, Sunday!” said a pretty girl that love to play violin named, Violina. After she woke up, she went to the main door to check what kind of quotes & flowers she got. She always doing like this when Sunday morning, on the third Sunday in 1 months. She has a secret admirer who always send her quotes and flowers. Violina never know who is the real name of her secret admirer. Her secret admirer always write his name “dirst”. Violina never know who is he , but she likes every quotes that her secret admirer sent. Her secret admirer have sent her quotes since 7 months ago.

Rot, das ist die Liebe, sie darf niemals vergeh’n…

“another good poem from you, dirst..” Violina always said that after she read the quotes or the poem from Dirst. Its almost a year, but she still don’t know who is Dirst. Violina very want to know as soon as possible who is he. But she always failed. So, she always try to forget Dirst, she did some project to make her felt busy every day. But its useless. She’s tired for trying too long. Yea, she tried to ignore all things about “Dirst” for 3 months. Once again, its useless.

Kringg… her phone was ringing. Stopped her day dream this morning. “Hello” said her. “can I go to your house Vio?”

“who is this?”

“I said, can I go to your house today? Remember our homework with Jenna? Stop asking me, I ask you first”

”Oh you’re Dion. No you can’t. Until you have a good manor”


“You’re not a deaf right?”

“Okey, I’m sorry. I repeat again, can I go to your house today Vio? I’m Dion. Remember our homework with Jenna?”

“yayaya. Yes you can. Around lunch time”
Every day Violina was always annoyed by his foe, Dion. Dion is a good and handsome boy. Every girl in Würzburg Good High School will agree about that. Except, Violina Filipova.

That’s just only a small piece of they memories for being an enemy for a long long time. Wan’t a good memories?

When WGHSC (Würzburg Good High School) Festival, Violina that known as a good violins have practiced for this big event. She will play 5 songs that very popular at that time. In 2 months, she didn’t eat the junk food, just go out for play at her friends house once, always did her homework at evening then at night she will start to practice that 5 songs step by step with her proffesional teacher.

2 Months later after practicing a lot, she only have 2 minutes before her perfomance begin so she start to pray, wish the luck from the God, Allah. Then she put her violin on a tabel at the backstage and……. boom.

Her violins was broke by the basket ball that threw by Dion. Everyone who saw that accident was shock. Violina Filipova start crying. She was very very angry to Dion.

“I’m so sorry Vio, it was just an accident….”

Violina ignored him. Then went to the stage with an anger inside her, and start playing the violin. Another violin but not her.

For 10 years she wasn’t talk to Dion. Dion always say sorry to her, but his appolagizes were not accepted.

Then one day when the snow start falling from the sky at Würzburg, Dion knocked Violina’s house. She opened the door, and start to shocked.

“Violina, remember me?


“Yes. I’m so sorry about 10 years ago accident”

“It’s okay. I’m sorry too. I never accept your appolagize for this 10 years”

“Violina, this violin is for you. Rot, das ist die Liebe, sie darf niemals vergeh’n…
Will you marry me?”

“dirst……..yes I will”

Yes I’m Dirst, Dion Bernstein. That’s my story how I met my wife, what’s yours?

Jakarta, 12 Februari 2013

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    Februari 13, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Jusst like thiss

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    Terima kasih Pak Banudi…sampai jumpa ya…:)


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